REDIWO is a mindset. Remote teams, digital domads & workation.
we help organizations make it HAPPEN.


The REDIWO concept is with us for 18 years now. This is how long we run our businesses: travel agency and touroperator, MICE and digital agency. So far we’ve mixed and blended our live and work in 40+ countries on all five continents. It works well, trust me.

Some say, COVID and lockdown killed travel business. We think it make people belive, that if they can work from home, they can work from any place on earth as well. And here’s a place for us: we help organizations and their employees make this dream happen. 

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We organize anything you may need to start your REDIWO adventure. Visas, work permits, accomodation, tickets, insurances, internet access, office equipment, virtual or real personal assistance or concierge in any place on earth.

Based on your job requirements, nationality, visa needs and currency exchange calculations we can guide through the whole process of how, where and when you can work and live. It’s to help you to focus on experiencing the life as you dream of.

 We are a travel agency and tour organiser with 18 year experience, focused on doing extraordinary things.

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OK, so HOW we do it?

Let’s say, you sterted to like the idea of work-life blending. If so, it’s time to say HOW we do it! There 3 most common ways of work-life blending as below:

01REmote teams

Team is no longer a group of people who work in one building. Nowdays they can be easily located across the country or a continent and cooperate online. But we’re still humans and need real contact to build relations. So, once a while, it is worth for the team to meet in real life, have a chat and a drink…

We make it happen 🙂 See how we do it…



Are you open to spend each 6-months in a different country? Living, working, experiencing… All you need to work there is your laptop and WiFi, am I right? That what we call a digital nomad.

If you decide to do so, we’ll help you with all the paperwork and arrangements, so that you travel without husstle. See how we do it.



Live & work ballance is a past. It’s WORKATION time!. Let’s say your dream is to see the aura in Iceland. Do you need to take a holiday to do so? Nay…. Grab your bagpack and laptop and off you go for a month! See the sunrise at Diamond Beach, than have an online conference with your client in a nice cafe, dinner by the waterfall. Work as much as you need in the evening and go for aoura hunting at night!

That’s what we call life-work blending or workation. See more…



Vic says:

Many of us could live like Richard Branson…
REDIWO is despirate to make the dreams come true.
REmote Teams, DIgital Nomads & WOrkation…
Work-life blending? Happy at work & vacation?
Dare to dream it! We, at REDIWO just make it happen!

Victoria Iwanowska


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